Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Customer Reviews:


by Brendan Lee

Entertaining little game. Smooth controls.

My new favorite iDevice game 

by Grist

I have purchased hundreds of games for my iPhone and iPad. This one is, by far, the most fun. Graphics are mindblowing, and the game play is ingenious. I tend to prefer games that require skill, and this one has a learning curve to become adept at the sumo contests. If the developers invest in marketing this game, it has the potential to become #1 on iTunes. In short, this is a breakthrough game in the sea of sameness that is the iTunes store. In case anyone is reading this review and thinking that I must be associated with the company that made the game, my enthusiasm comes purely from the joy I've experienced playing this game for the past two hours.

Industry Reviews:

"Infuriatingly difficult at times but nearly impossible to resist, SUMO is a wonderful app and fantastic value for money"
 ~ joe.ie

"You’ll be hooked before you know it."
~ irish times

"The physics of Sumo Pro are absolutely fascinating, and if you persevere with it, extremely addictive"  ~ thereviewprogramme.com

Winner of the U.N. World Summit Award for Games/Entertainment

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