Friday, 16 November 2012


Birdie wants to see the sky but can’t remember how to fly! Could you help?

Flap your arms to make Birdie flap.

Get the right rhythm and Birdie flies right UP to the stars!

What will you see up there? Be careful not to wake the Moon!

Remember that Birdie can only go so high without becoming tired. When he slows down - stop and let him drop.

Don't worry because Birdie bounces! After each bounce, flap again to go even higher!

Compete with friends at home in Party Play, or use your Game Center account to go against the rest of the world in Solo Play, cracking Egg-chievements along the way!

Bird Up! utilizes the revolutionary MotionSDK plug-in, brought to you by the award-winning OmniMotion Technology Ltd.

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