Friday, 16 November 2012


Enemy Spy Probes have descended in the skies over New Venice City to scan for weaknesses in advance of a full-scale invasion.

You must find and destroy them.

Fly your ship and target the probes using our revolutionary motion-control technology. Play by simply by moving a hand - both hands - or even just your head! 

A Blitz Mission anchors your ship so you can scan the sky and target and shoot quickly.

In a Patrol Mission you silently fly throughout the city hunting down each probe.

New Venice City needs you! 

SKYHUNT utilizes the revolutionary MotionSDK plug-in, brought to you by the award-winning OmniMotion Technology Ltd. 

This is gaming as you've never known it. 

Play Motion Control on your iPad or iPhone Today! 

It's FREE and available HERE.

And here is a video of me test piloting...

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